Apart from the infrastructural soundness, the hostel provides sufficient scope for interaction and relationship-building. It provides a congenial atmosphere that gives the new students full scope to know their seniors, learn from them, leverage their knowledge and build lasting relations with them. It is also a common sight to find study groups and project groups working away into the night in the hostel rooms. These interactions play a important role in a student's life during placements and examinations.

Girls Hostel

The hostel for girls is a home away from home, representing the intelligence, courage, integrity and determination of the girls of today's generation. All the rooms are air conditioned and well furnished to provide comfort to the residents. Protection of the students is given high priority and hence there is tight security 24 hours, provided by a male and a female security guard.

Our hostel is different from all others because it caters to individual needs under the caring supervision of two wardens and a supervisor. Yoga sessions early in the morning, keep the girls fit and active. Good food is served to the utmost satisfaction of the students. Discipline is the prime criteria for safety of the girls. Teachers support is provided to the students in the evenings, if necessary, for clarification of doubts, for both regular courses and career courses. There is recreation facility for the students too.

Boys Hostel

Here is a place where young, dynamic and confident young boys of the stay. It's a home away from home for students, who enjoy their stay in the air-conditioned hostel under the nurturing care of two wardens and protected 24x7 by ever vigilant security guards. Discipline is the prime criteria but freedom is not restricted. Yoga sessions keep the boys fit and healthy. There is never a compromise, in providing quality food to the students. They are allowed to keep all modern gadgets, however they can use them under the supervision of the wardens. The students can make phone calls to their parents every evening. Facilities are unlimited for the boys staying in the hostel. They have a recreation centre to play indoor games and watch television. They have fun and enjoyment practicing music and swimming on Sundays. They have computers to use for school assignments and can use the library in the evenings. Twice a month the students are taken out for shopping and picnics etc.

Our hostel is not just a place for students to reside only but also to flourish their talents in several ways with friends. Doubts are cleared by the supportive teachers whenever required. Individual attention is extended to the students by the Principal and Vice-principal and the Chairman himself.